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What Is TEC

TEC is about relationships. From the moment the weekenders arrive at the host church on Friday morning, they are greeted by a combined team of youth and adults who are there to serve the youth who are at TEC for the first time (weekenders). Weekenders will spend their three days with other youth and one adult laughing, singing, being served, and creating new friendships!

Over the course of three days, six of the young people on the team give talks on subjects like "Who am I in relation to God?" or "What would Jesus do?" The talks are personal witnesses of struggles and triumphs youth have faced and how God has worked in and through their lives.

Our Spiritual Directors give talks, spurring conversation and culminating with posters or skits presented by the youth. The weekend is a progression of faith, going through the despair of Christ’s crucifixion, and ending with the triumph of the resurrection. By Sunday, everyone is rejoicing in the new life that Christ brings and are commissioned to go out to spread God’s Word.

Southern Minnesota TEC welcomes anyone, regardless of religious affiliation, to attend a TEC weekend. Many youth come to TEC from various Christian denominations, while some youth who attend are not affiliated with a denomination nor a church...all are welcome to attend.


Southern Minnesota TEC strives to enrich the faith lives of teenagers and encourage them to dig deeper into their faith through being active in their faith communities at home. TEC encourages teens to enrich their faith through relationships, Bible studies, and being a leader in their church.